​​(Born 1958, Boulogne-Billancourt, France) writer, artist, musician, published Les Maléfices du fardeau d'Atlas, his first book of poetry in 1985. He has written five novels, including THE BIG JIGGETY (Xlibris, 2005), POP THE PLUG (Xlibris 2012) and ALL OF THE NIGHT (Xlibris, 2015). Also, his verse has been published in The Poet's Domain. His short stories and, on occasion, art work, have found a niche in Happy, Kinesis, The Quill, The Urban Age, Voie Express USA, The Threshold, The Writer's Round Table and Moscow's renowned Inostrania Literatura (next to T.C. Boyle). Writing in both English and French, his works have been translated into Spanish and Russian. Aside from selling books and the occasional painting (see Flickr/TheBigJiggety), he currently earns a living in Washington, DC as a French-English interpreter/translator and likes to sing and play old rock & roll with a few friends (see YouTube: BigJiggety).Type your paragraph here.

Michael G. Kent

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