Michael Kent was barely old enough to stand when his father set him up with a brush, tubes, a palette, and paper, and said: "Paint!" Despite the occasional foray into other realms, Kent has complied ever since.
    Born in France in a family of New World expatriates, he studied art there and in Brunswick, Maine where he perfected his sense of color and draftsmanship. It was however a couple of photography classes, taught by John McKee, which were to have the greatest influence on his sense of composition and subject matter.
    A parsimonious exhibitor, he has nonetheless shown his works in Rockport, Massachusetts, Georgetown's defunct Biograph Theater, the A-Salon Gallery, Del Ray Artisans, M.O.C.A., at the Alliance Française of Washington, the bookstore Chapters, and the perenial Artomatic. His works can be found in private collection on three continents.
    Kent perceives himself as a twentieth/twenty-first century realist in the American tradition somewhat influenced by Hopper and The Ashcan School--who themselves claimed to be the heirs of Honoré Daumier.
    In his work, which reflect a taste for travel, he attempts to describe, squeeze out the mystery of everyday life, showing compassion for the characters and their settings. Light and atmosphere play an important role in works which sway between realism and surrealism at times laced with humor.
    A Washingtonian for over 30 years, Kent has also illustrated his three semi-autobiographical novels: The Big Jiggety, Pop the Plug and All of the Night. On weekends, other than explore the world on foot, bicycle or automobile, or face the easel, he sometimes plays guitar with a couple of friends.

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